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Schloss Johannisburg (Foto: Till Benzin)

Johannisburg Palace

Build in the 16th century the beautiful Renaissance palace houses a wealth of treasures for you to discover!
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Pompejanum - A Roman Villa in Bavaria

Explore this unique museum and experience how people lived in Pompeii in 80 B.C.
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Stiftsplatz (Foto: Till Benzin)

Basilika and Stifts Museum

The old market square with its ensamble of historic buildings takes you back to the early Middle Ages. The Basilika and the  Stifts Museum houses the Treasury of St Peter and Alexander for more information

Park Schönbusch

Park Schönbusch - The oldest English landscape garden in Bavaria

Designed in the 18th century for the Archbishop of Mainz this vast park is today a popular destination for nature lovers
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